Where to Host a Wedding Website

Today’s topic: wedding websites. Even though I’ve created over twenty websites in my free time over the past several years, I had never created a wedding website prior to my own. Going into the initial plans, I was feeling pretty confident. However, there are quite a few pieces of information one needs to include on a wedding website which I hadn’t considered. Pieces of information like details on the day-of, registry links (and ideas), accommodation information, and answers to potentially asked questions from guests. Throw in only about 30+ website hosting sites and the all around theme you may want for your website, and you’re looking at quite the time-extensive project.

Be warned, brides-to-be, move forward with a wedding website at your own risk.

Just kidding, just kidding! Don’t be scared away! Actually, wedding websites, as with anything digital in this day-and-age, are meant to be more helpful and informative than paper invitations to your guests. Use your wedding website to minimize your stationary needs and postage weight. Where you once may have needed a poster to inform your guests on everything taking place on your Big Day/Weekend (not really.. I hope), now you can simply send a little invite with your wedding website’s URL.

If that intrigues you a bit more, then you may be wondering what are some of the more well-known wedding website hosts. Let me cover the biggest names and I encourage you to choose from any of the following:

For those who have been in the wedding world past a few weeks, we all know TheKnot. It should come to no surprise then that this Wedapolis offers brides and grooms-to-be website options. With over 100 mobile-friendly designs which fit almost every wedding theme, TheKnot is a great choice for couples who want ease and simplicity in creating their wedding website. Not to mention it is free! Plus, a few themes are even linked to Minted so you can order all your stationary to match. What an awesome little feature!

Very similar to TheKnot, WeddingWire also offers couples an option to create a wedding website. (Find this under Planning Tools on their website.) The fun thing with most of these hosts is they will allow you to create custom URL names as well. WeddingWire, in addition to this customization, also has a Hashtag Generator on their site! Great idea for those wanting to spice up their wedding with a custom hashtag.

As I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of Minted — they have some amazing designs! You may find yourself looking at their designs for several hours because they’re just so beautiful! Minted also boasts that they have the largest assortment of wedding website designs. Similar to TheKnot, most of Minted’s websites have stationary to match, which is a wonderful thing for us OCD brides! Plus, you can create matching Online Invitations if you want to go completely digital for your wedding and skip the paper necessities.

I loved finding Zola because it was the first hosting site that I found to have different formats to their design than the three hosts above. I would say the three options above are almost cookie-cutter formats, whereas Zola was the first to enable couples to have more say in how their website is laid out. On top of this, Zola is also an online store (something I did not know) and offers wedding registries. Their store reminds me a lot of Wayfair with its trendy styles and is a great option for couples.

Joy was such a great find and would be perfect for the digitally-aimed couple. Not only can you make a uniquely-designed website, but Joy also offers future brides and grooms the ability to create a wedding app alongside their website. Imagine getting a notification every time one of your guests RSVPs online to your wedding or visits your registry. I would find those notifications way more interesting than Candy Crush invites on Facebook!

Riley & Grey
Riley & Grey offers some stunning websites, for the right price. Their websites are vibrant, modern, and unique. I could not get over how diverse and vivid their options were! Also check out their RSVP options for your guests — they are known for creating mad-libs to entice guests to respond in a fun and entertaining way!

Now we’re leaving the good-ole click and edit templates behind and journeying into whole-design wedding websites. I’ve used Wix for several of my clients’ webpages, and love the versatility of this host. You can choose from pre-made templates or start from scratch on a blank website. You are in complete control! Want a wedding website which is only one page and provides brief yet concise information to your guests? You got it! Want a website with multiple pages but completely on your own whim? You can do that too. Wix sites can be free or purchased depending on your needs.


Even though we decided against using Zola’s registry, I fell in love with their design work. Having enough to work on for the wedding already, I wanted a site I could simply click-and-edit without completely constructing from scratch. However, I wanted a site with a bit more design options than I found with TheKnot and WeddingWire.

Zola and Joy fit what I was looking for, and truthfully Joy was a tough decision to back away from. I loved their design structure! Knowing many of our guests would not be keen on digital RSVPs, though, I opted towards Zola.

When it came to our wedding website, G honestly could care less on our choice. I’m the digital creator in the relationship and I love to graphic design. So our wedding website was actually one thing I was most excited to begin once we were engaged. After researching my options and even testing almost every host above, I settled on Zola as our wedding website host. After nearly three months of working on our site, I am so happy with our decision!

You can view our published website here.

I would love to see any of your wedding websites as well! Share your URLs in the comments’ section below if you would like other brides-to-be to gather inspiration, and please feel free to offer suggestions on what made (or perhaps created havoc) with your site.


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